Our school uses the Nash Rocky Mount School (NRMS) calendar as a guide in determining our our school calendar.  

Kindergarten Begins August 19

MMO/Preschool Begins September 3

Special Events

We have several special events throughout the school year. These include:

Spaghetti Supper and Silent Auction Fundraiser (Fall)
             This event is held every year to raise funds for our school. It is  an evening of fun and fellowship!

Walk to Bethlehem (December)
             Walk to Bethlehem is a children's worship service held the last day of school before Christmas break.

Cookie Night (Spring)
             On this evening, a short program is performed by the children followed with milk and cookies!

End-of-Year Picnic (Last Day of Preschool/Pre-K in May)
            A picnic to celebrate the end of the school year is held off site on the last day of Preschool.